A little more about me…

I have just stumbled into my 30’s recently. I am a single mom to an 11 year old boy. I am a full time university student. I love learning new things. I love wandering around in forests and have done so for most of my life. I miss the ocean everyday. I grew up right alongside the Bay of Fundy and near the Atlantic. I don’t have a car but really need one. I love to travel but I can’t afford to. I fall in love easily but fall out just as quick when expectations are consistently not met. I don’t hold grudges but probably should.

I have ridiculous food allergies and intolerances that appeared out of nowhere as an adult. I have hypermobililty in my joints which was great as a kid but I’m learning is a curse as I age. I suffered from depression as a teenager and survived suicide attempts. I have been diagnosed with ADHD but it could as well be Aspergers. I have carpal tunnel, as well as two other ‘tunnel syndromes (more on this later). I have had multiple surgeries. I have had chemo. I have endometriosis. I don’t eat ‘fast food.’ I track my meals, steps, exercise, and sleep. My health is confusing. I push onwards with the hope that some Doctor will figure it out.

I have 3 siblings. My parents are both still alive, but are divorcing. They moved far away in opposite directions. I love my family but didn’t always *cough*typical teenage years*cough*. I have a large extended family but they live on the other side of the Country. I have a dog, she is a Rottweiler. She had a cancerous mole removed this summer from her leg, now she has a large lump so I need to start fundraising again.

I like to call myself a survivor but most of the things I survive were probably avoidable altogether. I get called an insensitive robot but really I feel more deeply than I let on. I love puzzles and brain teasers. I watched Star Wars for the first time Christmas break of grade 2 and loved it ever since. I am a self-proclaimed nerd. I collect things… too many things.


Some of my favourite stores/websites:

Olivia’s Atelier:

Currently selling off costumes, skirts, dice bags, etc. Love this store, have many skirts (now with pockets). If I had any cool dice, I’d get a dice bag from here for sure.

Sew Yarn Adorable


This store is run by a childhood friend who makes these delightful hats, mermaid skirts, and accessories all with yarn. I sent cat butt coasters to my Secret Santa last year. It was great!

Student’s Plea for Generosity

I live off of student loans and apply for small grants and bursaries but I see that sometimes people appreciate what you do and want to help. If that is the case, here is the link to my birding/ blogging amazon.ca wishlist.

With a live stream capable camera, I could film the bird feeder 24/7.

With a dive cam I can get aquatic shots or views from previously unreachable areas with my Canon. That sort of thing.

I am continuing my project of making outdoor ‘VR field trips’ for those with limitations that prevent them from attending some sites. Multiple cameras would definitely assist that project as well.

Birding/ Blogging Wish List Permalink: http://a.co/aaLqcwl