Feeding the Birds

This month has been pretty exciting watching the bird feeder. Over the winter it was 90% Black-capped chickadees (plus 5% Blue Jays and 5% Downy Woodpeckers) but the chickadees are rarely seen now, popping by briefly before sundown. The Northern cardinals like to put on a show, they have danced, fought, squawked at each other, and chase each other off at different parts of the day. Over the winter there was just a single breeding pair that stuck together, now there are at least 3 different adult males, a juvenile, and two females. All the cardinals seem vastly different from each other in personality, size, and brightness of their colours.

New in the past month have been the variety of sparrows, the Brown-headed cowbird mating pair, a baby Squirrel and Chipmunk, two different Red-winged blackbirds, a pair of Mourning doves, some Grey jays, a White-breasted nuthatch or two, a Yellow goldfinch, and of course the extremely common American robin.

(Also, a few birds I haven’t yet identified, but have been meaning to)

I haven’t been able to capture everything on camera yet, but was thinking of setting up a webcam or live-stream to try to see what else is visiting that I may miss. I think in order to do that I’d need to do some fund-raising since my current funding does not cover extra expenses such as bird-watching. If there is interest, I’d consider it. I could send off some signed and numbered prints to donors as a thank-you. Hmmm.


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