Welcome to my new site! I’ve decided I needed to start a new journal, get my thoughts out of my head, and what better place to do so than in a public blog? I will sometimes post about my cooking, health, mini adventures, hopes, and fears. Sometimes I will just rant about how something idiotic became popular. Sometimes I’ll just share something that needs to be taken more seriously but doesn’t get enough attention.

This is a safe space. I will not tolerate hate speech. I will leave commenting up for now but reserve the right to remove it at any time.


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The End of the Road

t was the end…. the end of Mississauga Road. Muah ha ha. Not menacing in May? Well that is OK, this was a pretty fun and short field day in the thick of it. Although, wetlands are often portrayed as some pretty creepy places in film, during the day they are just beautiful. Site A was visited on May 26th just before noon. It was a lot greener than I had expected. Since it has been debated that cedar swamps contain the densest populations of vegetation, I wasn’t sure what to expect of a fen so close to one.

Feeding the Birds

This month has been pretty exciting watching the bird feeder. Over the winter it was 90% Black-capped chickadees (plus 5% Blue Jays and 5% Downy Woodpeckers) but the chickadees are rarely seen now, popping by briefly before sundown. The Northern cardinals like to put on a show, they have danced, fought, squawked at each other, and chase each other off at different parts of the day.

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